Yesterday I wanted to get my spring 2012 Benign Kingdom book signed, cause its awesome and all the artists were gonna be at ECCC. Went to Yuko Ota first, she asked what I wanted drawn and I was like, “I dunno, whatever you feel like!” So naturally she decided on dragons, cause dragons are awesome. The best part, was after that when I went to Evan Dahm and he drew a dragon. Then KC Green drew a (snap) dragon which cracked me up. Finally wandered over to the Topataco booth and asked Becky Dreistadt to sign it, and she looked at the front cover and asked if there was a theme and I was like “Kinda, I guess? Yuko drew a dragon and then everyone else did, so I guess its dragons!” So she drew a dragon and I gotta say, dragons just make the book 10x better. 

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