So there’s this great group of artists that publish books as part of Benign Kingdom. The seasonal books are beautiful and works of art in their own right, which I have showcased here

And now they have a new Kickstarter going for some new collections, called Midnite Monsters! And all the work looks amazing but there’s a problem! 

It’s not funded yet. 

With nine days to go, they’re still short over 10,000 which is a lot of money. But I really wanna see these collections published, so lets break down what you’d be getting! 

For fans of Pokemon, monsters and some really gorgeous painting, we have Capture Creatures by Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson!

Inspired by Ken Sugimori’s feat of designing the original 151 Pokemon in a single year Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson have created 151 unique creatures, relations, and descriptors. “

The second collection is The Exquisite Beast by Yuko Ota and Evan Dahm, where they took turns illustrating different evolutions of one creature for a year, ending in 100 drawings that range from cute to creepy to kinda weird

Finally, we have Midnite Surprise, a collection of art, illustrations and comics from KC Green from his art tumblr, Midnite Surprise. The surprise is what KC decides to include because it could be just about anything

I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but I wanted to put this together and try to help get this project funded! Whatever you can donate helps, you can get the PDF’s, an individual book or the whole collection in soft cover or hardback! Or you can just help spred the word and help get this published! 

Back it here!

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